SAYAW Dancers

SAYAW Dancers (2008 – present):

Maria Manalang
Darwin Manalang
Josephine Soliven
Rose Soliven
Robbie Soliven
Teresita P. Soliven
Teresita Q. Soliven
Suzane Kee
Anthony Kee
Thomas Kee
Caitlin Kee
Marjorie Mallory
Derek Mallory
Andrew Mallory
Phil Smith
Rose Mullins
Melinda dela Rosa
Manny dela Rosa
Miguel dela Rosa
Manuel dela Rosa
Jahan Marie Mirasol
Ramuel Mirasol
Rilan Mirasol
Jahan Mirasol
Ryan Mirasol
April Marie Mirasol
Kathy Walden
David Walden
Rene Walden
Leah May Walden
Evelyn Allen
Mharlon Barrientos
Levie Barrientos
Eddie Barrientos
Lena Skiles
Beverly Schnell
Maria Spragg
Brianna Spragg
Necie Davis
Isabel Davis
Loren Davis
Florenda Collawit
Angie Heines

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