Nov. 2015

Mabuhay! PCC was featured in the Indianapolis Star November 8, 2015, for its involvement in the International Festival. Read the article:

Dec. 2013

The Philippines now faces a grim recovery in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest tropical cyclone in recorded history which hit the Philippines November 8, 2013. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families devastated by the typhoon.

To aid with the relief efforts, Mabuhay! Philippine Cultural Community collected donations and sent them to Catholic Relief Services.

Many thanks to the following donors:

  • Dr. Gary Gagliardi
  • Turkish American Society of Indiana
  • Liberia Progress Foundation
  • International Festival (Cash donation box Nov. 23-24, 2013)
  • Indiana Okinawa Kenjinkai
  • Eileen Tsai

Many thanks to the following people for their assistance in the relief efforts:

  • Mary Grace and Jeff Pederson
  • Gemma Britton
  • Darwin Manalang
  • April Marie Mirasol
  • Nationalities Council of Indiana
  • Prayerhouse of the Virgin of the Globe
  • Jason Paro with LBC
  • Yollie Olivares

Nov. 2013

Thanks to all who helped Mabuhay! PCC win the Overall Best Cultural Booth at the 2013 International Festival, hosted by the Nationalities Council of Indiana!

Oct. 2013

Read this International Marketplace blog post about the Sayaw Cultural Dance Company performing at the “Taste the Difference.”

May 2013

Many thanks to Asian American Alliance for allow Mabuhay! PCC to participate in the 2013 Asian Fest! Read AAAI’s Thank You Letter to Mabuhay! PCC.

Apr. 2013

Blog Post by Moira Frazier about Intersection of Dance, Religion and Culture (by the Center for Interfaith Cooperation)

Feb. 2013

Blog Post by Moira Frazier about Intersection of Dance, Religion and Culture (by the Center for Interfaith Cooperation)

MAY 2012

500 Festival Parade

It is amazing to see the transformation in letter and spirit and acknowledgment of the growing significance of the emerging diversity in central Indiana. It is tremendously reassuring that community leaders led by our Honorable Mayor Greg Ballard and Mrs. Ballard are enthusiastically encouraging all ethnic communities and their culture and heritage.

It is up to each group to mainstream their talents and energies in making our cities and state the envy of other major cities in the neighborhood.

Being a part of the IPL 500-Festival Parade was fun; it is a landmark breakthrough and it is in part because of the expanding influence of NCI, International Center, and Asian American Alliance. This adds to the international spirit of our city and inspires its institutions to tap this valuable asset. Each such invitation is an opportunity to build upon this momentum, initiate and support ideas that benefit the entire communities and our nation.

KP Singh Indianapolis, Indiana USA

To read Mr. Singh’s article “Indiana Ethnic Communities Participate in 500-Festival Parade” published in the News From You section of the, download the article.

AUG 2012

Philippine Floods – Mabuhay! PCC Cares

A natural disaster has hit the Philippines. During the week of Aug. 11, 2012, monsoon rains fell for more than 24 hours and has affected 2 million people, including family and friends of Mabuhay PCC members, and caused 49 deaths. Eighty cities including Manilia are still under severe floods.

Mabuhay! Philippine Cultural Community has collected money toward the Philippine Red Cross. Since the hype of flooding, more than 900 Philippine Red Cross staff and volunteers were mobilized for rescue, relief and medical operations.


  • Mar and Joli Erpe
  • Suzane Kee
  • Joyce Howard
  • Darwin and Maria Manalang
  • Teresita P. Soliven