Filipino Bake Sale

Did someone say “SARAP”?! We hope you are able to come to our LAST fundraiser of the year! Come to eat the delicious Filipino delicacies! SARAP!

Purchase Hopia, Cassava Cake, Buko Pie, Suman, Puto, Bibingka, Ube Jam, and other Filipino baked goods at our bake sale! Different types of Filipino Food will be there. Come and socialize and enjoy the sweets.

If you would like to make something for our Filipino Bake Sale, please message us so that we may include you in our count. American baked goods will also available.

Filipino baked items are preferred, but we aren’t going to deny chocolate chip cookies.

Mabuhay! Philippine Cultural Community’s
Yearly Filipino Bake Sale
Saturday, October 20, 2018
11am to 4pm
A2Z Cafe
4705 East 96th Street #35
Indianapolis, Indiana 46240

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