Pista sa Nayon

Mabuhay! Philippine Cultural Community will present the tradition of the Pista sa Nayon, which dates back centuries to the rural areas and towns of the Philippines.

According to www.pista.org, the website for one of the largest Pista sa Nayon celebrations in the United States, during Pista sa Nayon (in English meaning “Town Festival”), Filipinos gather with their family and friends for a fiesta in the middle of town to celebrate hard work and the community.

Our annual event will include folkdances, folk music and other cultural activities for children and adults. For example, learn the “Mabuhay! SWAY,” Mabuhay! PCC’s very own line dance, and the “El Amor” line dance.

The event is a pitch-in luncheon. The organization will provide lechon (roasted pork) and rice, so we ask each family to bring a dish (depending on what side of Indianapolis you are from) and soda.

• South: Noodle dish and soda
• North: Chicken dish and soda
• West: Vegetable dish and soda
• East: Dessert and soda

To truly have a Pista atmosphere, we hope our guests will wear Philippine attire or outfit (like a kimona or camisa de chino) if they have one.

Mabuhay! Philippine Cultural Community has been selected to be featured in the Nationalities Council of Indiana’s 2013 Calendar. If you are a paid Mabuhay! PCC member and are dressed in Filipino attire, please join us for the photo opportunity on Sunday, September 23, 2012, in Garfield Park at 5 p.m. (right after the Pista sa Nayon).

September 23, 2012
11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Garfield Park at the Pagoda
2345 Pagoda Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46203

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