Issue I: Spring 2012

Introducing Mabuhay! Philippine Cultural Community

Community is the foundation for the birth of this organization. We, the officers and board members of Mabuhay! Philippine Cultural Community (PCC), would like to introduce you to the new community we envision in Indiana. Mabuhay! Philippine Cultural Community is a non-profit cultural and educational organization based in Indiana, founded in November 2011. All officers and board members are volunteers.

We strive to unite people – both those who are of Filipino descent and those who are not – who simply want to keep the Philippine culture alive in the United States. We also believe every member’s efforts, knowledge and experiences are integral to the development of our community.

Our purpose is threefold:

• Education: Workshops and demonstrations are opportunities for community members
to both learn and teach one another about Philippine dance, music, language, food, history, traditions and other aspects of Philippine life and culture.

• Community: You, as members of this organization, will have the chance to meet and network with others at different kinds of events.

• Culture: By sharing the Philippine culture and working with local, national and global groups, Mabuhay! Philippine Cultural Community will strengthen ties internally and externally.

Visit our website,, for the latest information about the organization, upcoming events, volunteer and participation opportunities and photos from past events. Also, like us on Facebook (Mabuhay! Philippine Cultural Community) for updates.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone 317.332.8007 if you have any questions, concerns or ideas or if you would like to be involved in any project.

We look forward to building our community with you.

The Founders and their Vision

As every person is different, each officer and board member of Mabuhay! Philippine Cultural Community was inspired to serve this organization for different reasons. However, their shared values and vision serve as a steady foundation as they lead this new organization.

The founders want to build a community that values members and interested individuals, promotes a sense of belongingness and equality, supports multicultural relationships, and is open and accessible to all who have an interest in the Philippines and its culture. The founders also have the desire to teach other and to learn more about the various traditions and cultures of the Philippines. They wish to aid in the preservation of our culture by continuing to raise awareness in the community through education and activities.

Although Mabuhay! PCC is still a young organization, the vision of its founders is honorable. They value wholehearted commitment, dedication, contribution for the good of all, teamwork, moral support and working hard to overcome obstacles and to achieve goals. e founders also hope to make a far-reaching impact to improve conditions back home; to help all those in need find a place of comfort, support, aid, and cultural understanding; to connect and bridge gaps between individuals and to become a sustainable organization that serves as a cultural resource to the community.

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Download the PDF version of the
Spring 2012 Newsletter

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